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High Quality Mini Dumbbells For Men / Women Weights Training Home Gym


Feeling sick of those ugly excessive fats over your tummy and arms? These mini dumbbells are just what you need to get into shape, tone up and feel fantastic.

Ideal for aerobic workouts, light weight lifting or simply an addition to walking.

Especially great because who wouldn't want to look good in in whatever you wear?

More Information On Neoprene VS Vinyl

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic that is often used as a substitute for leather. In its rigid state, vinyl is known as PVC and is used to make pipes and water bottles. In its flexible state, vinyl is used in many consumer products, such as clothing and toys. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. It resists degradation, damage and abrasions. Neoprene has water-resistant properties and is used for wetsuits and scuba diving products.

We did a test on the above to prove these, buy with confidence! =)


  • Ideal For Home Training
  • Comfortable Grip Weights
  • Perfect Addition To Any Exercise
  • Perfect For Weight Loss & Fitness!
  • Compact & Easy To Store
  • Clean & Comfortable To Use
  • Resistance To Rust, Scratches, Chipping


  • Soft exterior that provides adequate friction for lifting while protecting your skin from calluses
  • Light weight helps you get toned without gaining too much muscles mass (and become bulky)
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry around and store
  • Also for Guys looking for lighter weights for warm up / who are new to weight-lifting


** Every Set Comes In A Pair =)


Workout Examples: