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Terms & Conditions


A) The Renter shall keep and maintain the rented floats and pumps during the terms of the rental at his/her own cost and expense. He/She shall keep the floats and pumps in good state. Floats that are not cleaned and returned in poor condition will be chargeable $10 per float! Keep the floats in good condition, neatly packed and dry upon returning!

    B) The Renter shall not do anything too vigorous to the floats. (Do not jump on them!) Treat them with proper care, including the pumps.
    C) The Owner does not hold responsible for any injuries caused by the floats and pumps.
    D) The Renter upon receiving the floats and pumps from the Owner has to check the items for any defects before inflating or using them. Renter should check items within 24 hours after collection & let us know if there are any problems, failure to notify us within 24 hours will mean that the items are fine & should there be any problems, the deposit will be deducted accordingly.

    The floats are fragile and any small tear might not be able to see, hence in some cases, Renter may have accidentally cause a tear and have no clue about it. Again, we will assess the damages accordingly.

    E) The Renter shall pay the Owner compensation for replacement of floats and pumps that are not returned or found defected at any case. Defects will be assessed on whether if it can be fixed. If it is a mild tear or hole that we can patch, we will charge from $15-30 depending on the size and difficulty of the floats. If it is a huge tear or a big hole, we will have to forfeit the Renter's deposit. 

    F) Delayed return of the floats and pumps without informing the Owner will result in Renter’s deposit being forfeited.
    G) Payment are non-refundable and non-cancellation is allowed. Under unfortunate circumstances that you are unable to rent the floats, the amount will be converted to credits for you to use to purchase items from our store (valid for 1 year from date of receipt).
    H) Deposits paid will be refunded within 7 working days (excluding day of return, working days refer to Monday to Friday).
    I) Confirmed orders that are paid before the revised rates will not be affected, price difference will not be refunded. 
    J) By renting with us, the Renter accept these T&Cs stated. 

    K) Terms and conditions are subject to changes anytime by Owner. In this agreement, Owner refers to FITLAH.



    A) Care for the floats like how you would if they belong to you.
    • Do not over inflate the floats;
    • Do not place the float(s) in water overnight;
    • Do not attempt to jump on the float(s)!;
    • Do not drag the floats on the ground;
    • Kindly use the float in the pool only;
    • Kindly use the electric pump to deflate the float(s) and not use force to deflate them.
    B) Electric pump
    • Keep watch of the electric pump inflating the float(s) AT ALL TIMES, do not leave it unattended. It will result in float(s) explosion.
    • Let the electric pump work at an interval of 5 mins. Eg: pump 5 mins, rest 5 mins.
    • Do not let the electric pump come in contact with water.



    A) Renter should return all the items included in the bag as how we passed it over to you.

    B) In the event of a damaged float, we will assess the defects and charge accordingly. If the damage is small, it will be chargeable from $15 onwards. For severe damages, the deposit will be forfeited.


    • We will require your personal data for verification purposes.
    • Personal data may refer to your name, address, NRIC, Bank account number, phone number, email address etc that you may have submitted to us.
    • We value your privacy and we will not disclose your personal data to a third party without your consent.
    For any questions that arise during the rental period, do not hesitate to contact 9349-68-26 or hello[@] Thank you!